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Maifanite Beaded Bracelet

Maifanite Beaded Bracelet

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♥ peacefulness ♥ good luck ♥ good energy  ♥ healthy spirit ♥ wards off negative energy

Chakras - Solar Plexus
Zodiac - Gemini


A brown and beige stone with vague hints of orange colors throughout this stone. Maifanite is a purification stone and recommended for people who are easily influenced from surroundings or who easily accumulate negative energy. It can help regain and maintain a healthy spirit and a good energy flow.


Maifan Stone has a meaning and properties to get out of the dilemma of life. It has been believed to return you to the original peaceful life. Use it when your luck is not stable. It is a gemstone that will show you the way to the ideal future. Maifan Stone has been used for therapeutic purposes in ancient China.



color and size of stone may vary

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