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Netstone Jasper Beaded Bracelet

Netstone Jasper Beaded Bracelet

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♥ Increase Creativity ♥Nurtures Stability♥Grounding 

Net Jasper is thought to strengthen bones, connective tissue and the large intestine. It may also help to stimulate the circulatory system, aid digestion and help in the treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome. It has also been used to stimulate weight loss.

Net Jasper helps to bring us a sense of peace by eliminating disturbing thoughts. It engenders strength of will and self discipline. Net Jasper helps us to persevere and turn our ideas into actions. It is an especially useful stone for those who wish to develop their creative and artistic talents. Working with Net Jasper it is said that old friendships can be renewed and new friends attracted.

Net Jasper helps to bring the light and guidance of beings from other planets into our soul and assists in bringing the energies of other worlds to our Earth. This stone has been called "The Master of the Subconscious Mind" and helps us to turn our intuition and inner thoughts to understand other beings. It brings clarity to inner sight and inner visions. It has also been used by Shamans to discover the cause of past life imbalances.


Chakras - root

Zodiac - aries

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