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Soak It In

Soak It In

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 Soak It In

rosemary mint bath salts

HOW TO USE: Go into the room where your bathtub is. Make sure that the tub is empty of children's toys, cats or other animals, etc. Turn the water on and let it run until you get it to your desired temperature. Plug the drain so the tub can start to fill. When the tub is about half of your desired depth of water, scoop 2-5 heaping tablespoons into the water depending on how strong your want it. Finish filling to your desired depth, stick your toes in (and the rest of you) and enjoy. 


Ingredients: Epsom Salt (Coarse), Dead Sea Salt (Coarse), EO Fragrance



I’m super loving the mint rosemary!!! Just the smell is great, the feel of my skin after the bath is fantastic! Tania S

I have used both the citrus ritual and the rosemary mint. Of the two, I prefer the rosemary mint—something about that scent combination is delightful.

I am a bubble girl….so I always add something that will give me bubbles when I use the salts. Caryn B
Rosemary Mint is the absolute best! Left my skin silky and me relaxed! Leslye C.
The rosemary salt smells amazing I may or may not have huffed it when sick last week  lol. Amanda A
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