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Goddess Mist magnesium oil

Goddess Mist magnesium oil

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Magnesium oil  body mist


  • Goddess Mist Magnesium Oil is made from highly-concentrated magnesium flakes harvested from the Dead Sea.
  • Magnesium Oil Mist provides highly concentrated magnesium directly on the skin.
  • Low magnesium levels are often associated with low energy levels, disrupted sleep, low mood and muscle soreness. 
  • Supports transdermal Magnesium absorption.
  • Key Ingredients: 200 mg of elemental Magnesium per 6 sprays.
  • Free of fragrances, petroleum, and parabens.
  • 100% Absorbable
  • The best way to boost your magnesium levels is via Pure Magnesium Oil. With Mg oil you're getting 100% absorbable elemental mg delivered directly to the cellular level through your skin.
  • It utilizes the bloodstream to circulate throughout the entire body and intelligently deliver magnesium to the specific sites where your body needs it most.


How to Use:
Spray 2-3 sprays on arms, legs, feet or any exposed skin. It is normal to experience some tingling when you first start using a magnesium oil spray. As your body acclimates to the oil, the tingling will subside. After applying the oil to the skin, you can either wash it after 20-30 minutes or leave it. It may leave a white residue that you can just brush or rinse off.  If you are bothered by the sticky feel of the oil, use it at night.


ingredients: distilled water, Dead Sea magnesium flakes

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